Portrait of Andrew DeNatale

Andrew DeNatale is a cinematographer and camera operator based in New York City. Since earning his undergraduate degree from Sarah Lawrence College, his work has taken him across the United States for feature films, network documentaries, commercial product videos, and independent short films.

Despite working in highly technical positions behind the camera, an education grounded in writing, humanities, and social sciences still informs every aspect of his job as a visual storyteller. His passion for both history and the visual arts established a bedrock of critical thinking and analytical expertise that undergirds his choices as a Cinematographer. His work on two short films, Jack Turbo and Más Bowls, helped both movies earn entry into film festivals.

Along with working behind the camera, Andrew directed a documentary short titled Mabuhay about the life of Ernest Abuba, an accomplished actor who found theater as an escape from Skid Row in San Diego. The movie is about Ernest coming to terms with his past struggles and triumphs, and what the future means for him.

Photo on Andrew DeNatale on set

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